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New Parts

  As well as a wide choice of used parts, LKQ Pintendre also offers you new parts, whether body or mechanical - at very competitive prices.

Contact one of our sales representatives who would be pleased to assist you.

You will definitely find the part you’re looking for in our inventory. Below are some examples of the most requested parts:

LKQ Mechanical Parts

Oil pan (engine)
Exhaust manifold
Air conditioning compressor
Air conditioning condenser
Catalytic converter
Rack and pinion/Steering box
Steering column coupling shaft
Front & rear hub
Suspension parts
• front/rear absorber shock
• suspension arm
• suspension arm rod
Fuel pump or gauge
Radiator (engine)
Window regulator
Fuel tank
Wiper transmission
And much more...

Keystone Body Parts

Front fender
Cab corner
• steel
• chrome
• plastic cover
Radiator support
Windshield wash tank
• headlamp
• tail lamp
• parking lamp
Side view mirror
Rocker panel

Refurbished Engines and Transmissions
Car engine
Car transmission
Boat engine
Need mechanical or body parts - used or new? Only one place to meet all your needs: LKQ Pintendre.
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